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Articles by Oliver Fawcett-Griffiths

Research Review: Dr. Gundry and Soy

I have recently had my attention drawn to Dr. Gundry’s video on gaining energy. TLDR; It’s another health fad without any solid science behind it.

Sweden - Second Impressions

It wouldn’t do to leave you with the impression that Sweden is full of angry farmers, because we have found lots of other lovely people here since our disaterous introduction to Sweden.

Bleedin’ Sweeden!

Looking back on it, we had already struck gold once, wwoofing in france, so were were probably...

Making My First PWA With Vue

With some of the recent hoo har about React’s licensing situation, I decided that it was a fine time to look into alternatives - the major player being the shiny new VueJS.

Connecting an Iphone to the Nikon D7200

After fairly extensive research on the Internet, I still couldn’t find what was going wrong when trying to get the D7200 to connect to the Iphone. Here is how I finally got them working together - I hope it helps!