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Articles by Oliver Fawcett-Griffiths

The Upriver Adventure

Our adventure trying to build a sailing boat to explore up the river in.


I’ll start this with a disclaimer: I’m not very good at chess.

That’s not too big an issue, thanks to the great number of chess engines that have adaptable difficulty, just set it to easy, and keep putting it up until you have...

Woof Woof!

Arriving at the train station, we weren’t sure what to expect. Would they only speak to us in French?...

The Big Cruise

I was pretty impressed with the river cruise, so I didn’t really know how this cruise could top it - but somehow it did!

All Alone On The Rhône

Ok, we weren’t really alone - we had about a hundred oldies to keep us company the whole time! Anyway, despite Sam and Simon’s protestations…