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Sweden - Second Impressions

It wouldn’t do to leave you with the impression that Sweden is full of angry farmers, because we have found lots of other lovely people here since our disastrous introduction to Sweden.

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Bleedin’ Sweeden!

Looking back on it, we had already struck gold once, wwoofing in france, so were were probably due a really terrible one. Fate did not disappoint.

We arrived in Smållandsstenar at 9:00, and it was already dark as pitch. Luckily for us, Marcus was waiting to meet us right …

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The Upriver Adventure

Our adventure trying to build a sailing boat to explore up the river in.

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Woof Woof!

Arriving at the train station, we weren’t sure what to expect. Would they only speak to us in French? Would they expect us to work 12 hour days, feeding us only gruel?

It turns out none of that was a problem, and as we were driven away in a …

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The Big Cruise

I was pretty impressed with the river cruise, so I didn’t really know how this cruise could top it - but somehow it did!

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All Alone On The Rhône

Ok, we weren’t really alone - we had about a hundred oldies to keep us company the whole time! Anyway, despite Sam and Simon’s protestations…

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🗼 And we’re in Paris! Sam and Simon have joined us, after their stint in Iceland. Apparently it was much colder for them, so they got snow while we didn’t. Not fair!

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