Making My First PWA With Vue

With some of the recent hoo har about React’s licensing situation, I decided that it was a fine time to look into alternatives - the major player being the shiny new VueJS.

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Connecting an Iphone to the Nikon D7200

After fairly extensive research on the Internet, I still couldn’t find what was going wrong when trying to get the D7200 to connect to the Iphone. Here is how I finally got them working together - I hope it helps!

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I’ll start this with a disclaimer: I’m not very good at chess.

That’s not too big an issue, thanks to the great number of chess engines that have adaptable difficulty, just set it to easy, and keep putting it up until you have trouble winning.

The problem …

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A New Job

So, after the easiest job hunt in my life, I’ve recently landed a job in the heart of the city at Geovation!

Geovation is an incubator for startups that focuses on location data. It was spawned by Ordanance Survey, who want to increase innovation in the UK - particularly around …

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Connect 4

Connect 4 is a great game that two people play by dropping differently coloured pieces into a grid, where they fall to the bottom of the column. To win the game, one player must make a line of four of their pieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally …

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