Today I Printed: An OctoHook Skipping Rope Holder

Our skipping ropes hung drearily from a hook behind the door, the middle of the

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Today I Printed: A Mudguard

These mini-mudguards are called “Ass Savers”, and the idea is that while you still get muddy legs, they keep your back reasonably clean.

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Today I Printed: Clip-On Spirit Levels

Spirit Levels that I can attach to my drill, to make sure I’m drilling straight.

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Today I Printed: Wedding Invitations

Ok, so I didn’t actually print the invites themselves, but I made a set of stamps that let us mass-produce nice looking invitations.

The stamps

It took a few tries to get it right, so here are the tips I picked up:

  • Use PLA. I tried TPU first (because rubber stamps …

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Today I Printed: Shock Absorber

Now that I can print with TPU, I thought I’d test it out by making a shock absorber for my tennis racket.

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