Today I Printed: An OctoHook Skipping Rope Holder

Before the advent of this truly historic print, our problems were twofold:

  1. As our skipping ropes hung drearily from a hook behind the door, the middle of the rope quickly developed an unsightly kink, making them hard to use.
  2. The handles hung bereft of any support, noisily bashing into everything whenever we opened or closed the door.

If these problems sound familiar, then behold the solution!

Behold the OctoHook

In one cute and bright orange swoop, the OCTOHOOK will save your skipping ropes! No more unsightly kinks! No more tumultuous crashing at the merest movement of the door.

All hail the OCTOHOOK

Print one today!

I designed this in Blender, the STLs can be found Here.