Today I Printed: Wedding Invitations

Ok, so I didn’t actually print the invites themselves, but I made a set of stamps that let us mass-produce nice looking invitations.

The stamps

It took a few tries to get it right, so here are the tips I picked up:

  • Use PLA. I tried TPU first (because rubber stamps …

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Today I Printed: Shock Absorber

Now that I can print with TPU, I thought I’d test it out by making a shock absorber for my tennis racket.

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Today I Printed: TPU Feed

Breaking my rule of not posting parts I printed to upgrade my printer, but I’m really proud of how well this turned out.

A filament feed for my tarantula pro extruder, with tighter tolerances and extra bits to keep flexible filament from going in the wrong direction and getting …

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Today I Printed: Magnetic Bin Latch

A handy magnetic bin latch to replace a broken mechanical one. I glued in a magnet and embedded a nail in the bin lid to stick to it.

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Today I Printed: Screw Covers For My Dishwasher

We had a plumbing leak in our kitchen last week, and while we were investigating we unscrewed the dishwasher to look behind it. The little covers they used to hide the screws were single-use, so I made these reusable covers that just clip into place.

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