The Iguassu Falls

As you can see, the Iguassu falls are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina . Near to the west is Portugal  .

Another day, another plane. This one was a bit less fun.

First, we had to get up at 3:00 to catch a bus to the airport, which wasn’t very fun in and of itself. Then our plane got delayed. Ho hum, these things happen, just another hour. We finally bus out to the plane and get on board. We don’t take off straight away because something, but in the end we all breath a sigh of relief as the plane turns around and taxis for the runway - hooray!

We reach cruising altitude, and I’m starting to feel hungry - we’ve already been awake for 4 hours, and haven’t had a bite. Luckily, this flight has a meal included! The air hostesses bring out the trolley, and since we’re in the second row, we’re getting excited! The people in front of us get served, the people behind us get served - it looks goood!

The trolley moves up beside us, when, “We’re sorry, it turns out what we were woried about on the runway was acually pretty serious”. We’re doing an about turn and heading back to the airport, with nothing but the lingering smells of scrambled eggs. We spend the rest of the flight giving evil looks to the lucky people in front of us.

Back at the airport, we have to wait a few more hours, and Oscar is getting worried - we’re due to go to the Brazilian side of the falls today, but it closes at 5:00 - it’s going to be close!

Luckily, after only two more hours at the airport, which we were getting to know really well, a replacement plane was found. We all boarded again, and this time the we finally get to eat! We get a bit of a scare when the breakfast trolley finally gets to us (again), and we hit some turbulance, so they walk off and we have to spend another 5 minutes drooling.

Once we landed, we all hustled into a bus and headed to the Brazilian side of the falls.

Needless to say, the falls are absolutely spectacular, and this is just the small side!

The next day we visit the Argentinian side of the falls, where they have a much more extensive park area, with lots of walks that went on or over the falls. The falling water is really beautiful from a distance, but once you get up close it’s pretty scary how much of it there is.

After lunch we went on a boat that went into one of the big waterfalls (one that lands on rocks and so sprays everywhere), and it was like being drenched by bucketfuls of water - so much fun! The photos from that part are all through a plastic bag, so they are a bit blurry!

This evening we’re going to get dinner at some place where they serve you hunks of meat off swords, which sounds great!

Looking up at the falls from the Brazilian side. The two of us, enjoying the view from up high on the Brazilian side. A stunning view of the falls.

We’re departing for Paraty tomorrow at 3:30am (shudder) for a flight then a 5 hour bus ride (sleep time!).